The course of US history was forever changed over 150 years ago, when steel tracks were laid alongside the route of cattle trails and wagon trains. There was no stopping the waves of settlers from the East, plus rail was a necessity for the booming cattle trade. The railroads helped realize the American Dream and reshaped the country’s landscape and its entire socio-economic system. The forefathers of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway recognized that not only would railroads be the catalyst for settlement and growth of the West, but that transcontinental trains were needed to open coast-to-coast commerce, thus assuring the future of our nation.
Today, the BNSF Railway, created through the September 22, 1995 merger of Burlington Northern, Inc. and Santa Fe Pacific Corp., builds on tradition by providing customers more single-line service options to more markets with shorter access routes and faster transit times. BNSF territory covers over 34,000 route miles. Their focus is on using speed, agility and resourcefulness to help expand the global marketplace for goods and services from hubs such as the one located in Alliance, NE.
Parker Hannifin has its roots going back to 1972, when Electric Hose & Rubber chose Alliance as a plant site. Automotive hoses were the primary product line of Electric Hose & Rubber for many years until DAYCO purchased the plant.
Perrin Manufacturing, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of off-highway HVAC systems for OEMs nationwide. With market experience 25 years plus, Perrin Manufacturing understands the need for change. Their focus and goal is customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of product and service.
American Electric Power, based in Columbus, Ohio is the parent company of the Alliance Railcar Facility in Alliance. The Alliance Railcar Facility was established in 1977 by Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO). SWEPCO located its shop in Alliance because of its proximity to the Powder River Basin that produces more than 350 million tons of coal annually, moving it all by railcar. The Alliance Railcar Facility is an Association of America Railroads (AAR) M-1003 certified in reconditioning railcar components, and is recognized as one of the premier railcar repair facilities in the United States. AEP is located at 5552 Perkins Road in Alliance. For more information, call (308) 762-6476.
Progress Rail Services is one of the largest integrated and diversified suppliers of railroad and transit system products and services in North America. Progress Rail is the largest supplier of reconditioned wheel sets, axles, bearings, couplers, side frames, bolsters and traction motors in North America. The ability to repair and refurbish parts saves money and the strategically located facilities save time. Progress Rail Services Corporation, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., continues to expand its proven and successful business model to an ever growing world- wide market. Progress Railcar Repair Facility in Alliance is located at 2472 County Road 55. For more information, call (308) 762-1393.
Pepsi Cola of Western Nebraska
Alliance is home to Pepsi Cola of Western Nebraska and a new 62,000 square foot distribution center located near the intersection of US Highway 385 and Kansas Avenue. Pepsi Cola has a long history in Alliance and continues to make a significant investment in Alliance. Pepsi Cola of Western Nebraska, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of LinPepCo Partnership. For more information, please call 308-762-2646.