Spotlight Business

  January Spotlight Business:
Brewery 719

Brewery 719 was opened on February 8th, 2019 by Nick & Toni McCoy and DJ Sulzbach.

“We brew our own delicious beer on site! It is the freshest beer in Alliance! Right now we have 11 different beers on top of all kinds of styles. We can also package our beer to go in Crowlers (32 oz. cans) and Growlers (64 oz. bottles). We try to bring new and exciting things to our town including food trucks from all over the state. We have a comedy night once a month that brings comedians from all around the world. We have food and beer pairings once every few months for our community to try delicious food that isn’t served
locally. We have some exciting plans for the 2020 year for our patrons! We absolutely love being a part of this community. Alliance is an amazing place to call home.”