Spotlight Business

Dean McLaughlin, Kent Fritzler, Violet Yuill, and Tom Lore accept the June Spotlight Banner from the Chamber Ambassadors.

June Spotlight Business: American Electric Power

In 1977, Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO), a subsidiary of Central and South West Corporation (CSW) began operation of its railcar maintenance facility in Alliance, Nebraska. Alliance was chosen as the location of the shop because of its proximity to the Powder River Basin.

In 1979, the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO), also a subsidiary of CSW, joined SWEPCO in the ownership and operation of the shop. In 1977, Central Power and Light (CPL) joined SWEPCO and PSO in partnership to bring additional cars into the facility for maintenance. From 1977 through 2000, the shop worked exclusively on SWEPCO/CPL/PSO railcars, but in late 2000, with the merger of American Electric Power (AEP), the shop started performing Third Party work. The revenue from the third party work plus the lowered cost of maintenance to the company owned fleet of railcars reduces the cost of electricity for AEP customers.

Alliance Railcar Facility is an Association of American Railroads (AAR) M-1003 certified facility. This facility and the Quality Assurance Program are recognized in the industry as one of the premier railcar repair facilities in the United States.

More than half of our employees have been here for over 30 years; one employee has over 40 years at the facility. There have been approximately 250,000 company owned and third party railcars pass through this facility during this time frame.