Spotlight Business

  August Spotlight Business: RPR (Rasmussen Performance & Repair)

Once upon a time it was not so unusual to get up and go into the garage and perform the basic maintenance to keep your car in tip top shape – everything from a basic oil change and a tune up, to replacing the cylinder heads, and everything in between. It was a simpler time and a simpler car, today, times have changed. Modern cars are now so complex that a person needs specialized training and tools to do the repairs; however, if you take your car to RPR all worries will be set aside knowing that your automobile will be taken care of promptly.

RPR, Rasmussen Performance and Repair, although a fairly new business in Alliance they continue to grow in order to meet the needs and to better facilitate their customers. RPR has grown so much that they have begun building a new facility on Kansas Street. Blaine Rasmussen will confidently take care of your automotive needs. From oil changes to transmission and engine overhauls, you know your ride will be taken care of with confidence.

The Chamber is pleased to announce that RPR has been a member since 2016. RPR believes that the people in the community and their eagerness to improve on what Alliance already offers is an asset that supports our town strength.